Month: December 2016

Happy New Year…Almost

2016 is almost in the books. It’s been an exciting year, one filled with Gala’s and Guild’s, new works and old favorites.

Onstage we’ve traveled across the galaxy, met kings and playwrights, conversed with murders and mistresses, laughed at clowns and catastrophes, prayed for scams and scoundrels, deduced with heroes and hounds, examined sadness and sanity, and celebrated tradition with spirits.

At Hedgerow, however, we don’t look back, we move forward (we learned our lesson from Orpheus). Over our 94 years in Rose Valley, we’ve performed countless productions such as The Maikado, Long Days Journey Into the Night, and just about every play the Bard has to offer. Throughout this storied history, we’ve learned how to create our way.

More than anything else, Hedgerow is a haven for artists. We offer a place for the best and brightest to come and work on their craft, and then we offer it to you.

Intimacy is a point of pride at Hedgerow. We value our audience, and their input, to produce plays year in and year out. Every laugh is registered. Every tear tallied. Every gasp jotted down.

So as we move in to 2017, we are keeping in mind the most important component: you. This season of shows is original, artistic, fun, expansive, thrilling, and classic. The entire line-up is designed to give every patron from Delco to Brandywine the best experience possible.

We look forward to seeing you in the new year!




Merry Christmas Week

Here at Hedgerow we celebrate Christmas all month long; even today, we have schools coming in to celebrate the season with Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. For the past 24 years, this story has tied us together with friends, family, and community.

Just like Scrooge, each year we look back at our past, examine our present, and prepare for the future.

We know exactly where we came from, the spark of creativity from Jasper Deeter,the ashes of a devastating fire that could not stop the intrepid Hedgerow theatre, and the amazing leadership of Penelope Reed who guided us into a new era.

We examine our present with Jared Reed at the helm the Company, as well as this authentic production of A Christmas Carol he wrote and directed after the success of his one man show: Dickens’ A Christmas Carol.

We prepare for the exciting year to come with shows like The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Part 2, Uncle Vanya, The Prisoner of Zenda, and (news drop) Around the World in 80 Days, bringing our patrons the best, most original Hedgerow season in years.

From our inception Hedgerow has been about bringing actor and audience together in an intimate setting. We take pride in creating every aspect of the story each patron sees, as we build the creative team, the set, the sound, and every part of the show from the ground up.

This past year we brought our audience an intergalactic odyssey with Hitchhikers, a regional premiere with the Barrymore Recommended production of Or, a world premiere Agatha Christie production, and a zany romp of zannis with The Servant of Two Masters. 

Along with these original plays, we toasted the summer Farce and gas lit our theatre with Boeing Boeing and Angel Street. Hedgerow has stayed true to its mission, and continues to bring relevant, amazing works of art to the tiny grist mill.

This is the final week Dickens’ tale, but we are excited for the season to come. Enjoy this Christmas week, and all the joy Christmas can bring: the Holiday parties, the family gatherings, the delayed travel schedules, all of it.

Merry Christmas.