Day: April 3, 2017

Meet the Cast

ANNA MARIE SELL (Flavia, Antoinette, and Others) is happy to make her professional return to the Hedgerow Stage, after spending a summer as an intern once upon a time ago.   Favorite stage credits include Chapter Two (Jennie), A Wilder Christmas (Leonora/Harriet), The Hollow (Midge), Cyrano de Bergerac (Roxane), The Credeaux Canvas (Amelia), The Merchant of Venice (Portia), and Goodnight Soldier, a solo cabaret. On-Screen work: Redrum, NY Historical Society, and an Educational Series for Northwell Health. Proud member of Actors’ Equity.
A brief Q & A with Anna:
What interests you most about this play and your role within this production? Why did you want to do this play? Why should it be done today?
I think this play raises the question, “what are you willing to do for love?”  I play two women who have very different perspectives about what love requires, and I’m both excited by and a bit scared of the challenge of bringing them both to life.
I wanted to do the show because it requires a lot – comedy, dancing, music, fighting, dialects, and emotional depth – it’s rare that one play, or one track within a play, requires so many different types of skill.  It also is a fun and complex process to turn a book into a stage production.  While the spirit of the novel and its story are intact, some characters have developed in ways that might surprise Anthony Hope.
The show is relevant because, cliché as it may be, the story of a hero learning how to be responsible and discovering his own potential never goes out of style.  Although the current political climate has changed a great deal since the first table read of this script, the questions of what kind of person should rule a kingdom and what national may cost are perhaps more relevant than ever.
What fascinates you about live theatre?
The opportunity to really live through things every single night – the risk and reward of having all of the fun, and all of the heartbreak, every show.  I love the magic that happens when a cast all agrees to jump off the cliff together.
What’s your favorite quote of from the play?

Why should an audience member come see this play?
I think, first of all, it’s going to be a fun night. We’re almost halfway through rehearsals and still amusing each other.  I also think it’s chance to really experience something richly human.  And swordfighting.  Definitely come for the swordfights.