7 Secrets to Laughing More

We love stories that make us feel adventurous and bring a smile to our face. The modern equivalent to a classic like The Prisoner of Zenda is Marvel’s The Guardians of the Galaxy, a humorous adventure through a bold new world. Though Zenda may not have special effects budget of Marvel, it does have the dry wit and deep characters. So what’s the secret to laughing more? Well, come see Zenda, but if you need some ideas more at hand then here you go:


1. Laugh at Yourself.
A golden rule of comedy is that we are all fools. No matter who the character is, everybody plays the fool. In fact, in farce it’s always the character who takes himself the most serious who ends up the butt of the joke. We all know that person who thinks they are Batman, and they are no fun to be around 24/7. The remedy? Look at a cat video or two and remember you are not trapped in a morality play.

2. Spend time with funny people.
Simple fact: laughter is infectious. Therefore, spend time with friends and colleagues who make you smile and who make you feel good about being yourself. Is there really any need to explain more?

3. Use Technology
We have more information at our fingertips than any generation before us. Have we built this network of information on the secrets of the Pyramids? Well, yes actually, but the other thing we have dedicated this massive internet to is laughter. College Humor, Key and Peele, and a quick search of YouTube will put a smile on your face. Our suggestion? Search “That hurts Charlie.”

4. See A Show
Seriously. Philly is brimming with comedy. Hedgerow is producing an action adventure, but if you want to see stand-up then go see it live. Remember, laughter is infectious and if a comedian can make you laugh sitting alone at your computer imagine what a show can do with a room full of people. Be part of an experience.

5. Laugh all the way to the office.
We’re betting you have a smartphone, and if you do then you can listen to podcasts. Therefore, download one of the many podcasts that dedicate themselves to humor. Want something weird and funny? Try Last Podcast on the Left. Want something sporty and funny? Try Pardon My Take. Want something satirical? Try Welcome to Nightvale. 

6. Listen.
We all want to be funny, but as any improv comedian will tell you the secret to being creative is listening. At all moments in life odd things happen. Knowledge is limited. Stupidity is boundless. We all make fools of ourselves. We all say silly things. If we tune in to the world around us, it’s amazing what we will find.

7. Get to know the greats.
When time permits, watching a classic, funny movie is a sure-fire, fast-acting stress-buster. Though all of us have our own idea of what strikes us funny, with the help of On Demand, Netflix, Hulu and the old fashioned video store, most of us are never more than a few moments away from a funny, mood-lifting movie. For inspiration and hours of giggle-inducing ideas, take a look at Bravo’s Top 100 Funniest movies list  http://www.imdb.com/list/ZvEJPFwX1XA/