Astrov’s Vanya

Producing Artistic Director and Dr. Astrov in the Barrymore Recommended Uncle Vanya, Jared Reed answers a few questions about legendary playwright Anton Chekhov and Vanya. Reed is a Julliard trained actor and has been a part of Hedgerow Theatre for the majority of his life in one way or another.
What fascinates you about live theatre?
The connection between actors in front of an audience. There is nothing like it. It’s why theatre is so powerful. You can’t hide. The baring of one’s heart in public (so much different than letting a camera peer in).
What interests you outside of theatre?
My Children. Being a father changed my life and the way I see the world.
Who’s your favorite writer? Why?
In Russians: Chekhov, his ability to see people. Vladimir Nabokov, use of language. Dostoeyevsky, his moral center.
Why did you want to do this play? Why do you think it should be done today?
It’s wonderful for us as a Theatre Company to work on Vanya because Chekhov is one of the great dramatic writers, one of the great writers of all-time, and you have to be working at your best to meet him.
Why does Chekhov matter as a writer? 
He shows us that people don’t change – we still feel and process and laugh and cry over the same wonderful and absurd things
Why should an audience member come see this play?
To experience life that is funny at the same time it is sad, and the sad makes it funny, as the fact that you laugh makes it sad