Author: Brock Vickers

Happy New Year…Almost

2016 is almost in the books. It’s been an exciting year, one filled with Gala’s and Guild’s, new works and old favorites.

Onstage we’ve traveled across the galaxy, met kings and playwrights, conversed with murders and mistresses, laughed at clowns and catastrophes, prayed for scams and scoundrels, deduced with heroes and hounds, examined sadness and sanity, and celebrated tradition with spirits.

At Hedgerow, however, we don’t look back, we move forward (we learned our lesson from Orpheus). Over our 94 years in Rose Valley, we’ve performed countless productions such as The Maikado, Long Days Journey Into the Night, and just about every play the Bard has to offer. Throughout this storied history, we’ve learned how to create our way.

More than anything else, Hedgerow is a haven for artists. We offer a place for the best and brightest to come and work on their craft, and then we offer it to you.

Intimacy is a point of pride at Hedgerow. We value our audience, and their input, to produce plays year in and year out. Every laugh is registered. Every tear tallied. Every gasp jotted down.

So as we move in to 2017, we are keeping in mind the most important component: you. This season of shows is original, artistic, fun, expansive, thrilling, and classic. The entire line-up is designed to give every patron from Delco to Brandywine the best experience possible.

We look forward to seeing you in the new year!




Merry Christmas Week

Here at Hedgerow we celebrate Christmas all month long; even today, we have schools coming in to celebrate the season with Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. For the past 24 years, this story has tied us together with friends, family, and community.

Just like Scrooge, each year we look back at our past, examine our present, and prepare for the future.

We know exactly where we came from, the spark of creativity from Jasper Deeter,the ashes of a devastating fire that could not stop the intrepid Hedgerow theatre, and the amazing leadership of Penelope Reed who guided us into a new era.

We examine our present with Jared Reed at the helm the Company, as well as this authentic production of A Christmas Carol he wrote and directed after the success of his one man show: Dickens’ A Christmas Carol.

We prepare for the exciting year to come with shows like The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Part 2, Uncle Vanya, The Prisoner of Zenda, and (news drop) Around the World in 80 Days, bringing our patrons the best, most original Hedgerow season in years.

From our inception Hedgerow has been about bringing actor and audience together in an intimate setting. We take pride in creating every aspect of the story each patron sees, as we build the creative team, the set, the sound, and every part of the show from the ground up.

This past year we brought our audience an intergalactic odyssey with Hitchhikers, a regional premiere with the Barrymore Recommended production of Or, a world premiere Agatha Christie production, and a zany romp of zannis with The Servant of Two Masters. 

Along with these original plays, we toasted the summer Farce and gas lit our theatre with Boeing Boeing and Angel Street. Hedgerow has stayed true to its mission, and continues to bring relevant, amazing works of art to the tiny grist mill.

This is the final week Dickens’ tale, but we are excited for the season to come. Enjoy this Christmas week, and all the joy Christmas can bring: the Holiday parties, the family gatherings, the delayed travel schedules, all of it.

Merry Christmas.

Meet the Cast of A Christmas Carol

Stacy Skinner is a Hedgerow pro. She has been seen in Hamlet, The Mysterious Affair at Styles, and for several years Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. She is also one of the best people you could ever meet. Today, get to know one of the best actors Hedgerow has ever had:
1) Why do you enjoy doing A Christmas Carol?
What better way to spend December than steeped in this beautiful story of hope and redemption? While everyone around me is scurrying around to prepare for the holiday, I am feasting on the delicious words of Dickens and sharing them with school students, folks in our community, and the other artists with which I get to “play in the Hedgerows”. This is my fifth year being a part of Hedgerow’s A Christmas Carol. It has become my holiday tradition, spending this season with the Hedgerow company and the beautifully crafted characters of Dickens. I have a much loved family of my own, mind you, but they have indulged my yearly desire to spend a great deal of December in Victorian England!
2) Why do you think people enjoy Charles Dickens?
At our core, there is so much of the human experience that we share that transcends culture and even time. Dickens speaks to that sameness, in the way that Shakespeare did, and in the way many a great writer does whose work endures. This quote, I think, sums it up well:
“We read Dickens not just because he was a man of his own times, but because he was a man for our times as well. We read Dickens because his perception and investigation of the human psyche is deep, precise, and illuminating, and because he tells us things about ourselves by portraying personality traits and habits that might seem all too familiar. His messages about poverty and charity have traveled through decades, and we can learn from the experiences of his characters almost as easily as we can learn from our own experiences.” Jon Michael Varese
3) What is your favorite part of doing this story?
I will answer that by sharing one of my favorite passages of the story, which as a narrator I spoke in years past but which a version of is now spoken by Scrooge: “Much they saw and far they went and many homes they visited. The Spirit stood beside sick beds, and they were cheerful; on foreign lands, and they were close to home; by struggling men, and they were patient in their greater hopes; by poverty, and it was rich.”  What these lines communicate is so rich, helping me to re-adjust my own heart and find perspective. There were some lines in Hamlet that also struck a cord within me every time I heard them. To have such powerful language with which to make theatre, there is nothing like it!
4) Who do you play in the piece? Which is your favorite part? Why
Every year my main character has been one of the narrators, or storytellers as I prefer to call them. Most years I have also played the solicitor and other minor characters. This year, for the first time, I am playing Mrs. Cratchit and Caroline, which is a great treat for me. Although I love the opportunity to play different characters, narrating is really my favorite part. It feels like I have this gift to give the audience, helping to unfold this story for them, and I really enjoy that. It also reminds me of the many, many hours of reading aloud to both of my now grown sons, being the main storyteller in their lives. And isn’t sharing great stories what theatre is all about?

Meet the Cast of A Christmas Carol

Allison Bloechl is a company member of Hedgerow Theatre who has appeared in Gaslight, Dracula, Bullshot Crummond and many more shows. She is also the Box Office Manager at Hedgerow, as well as a registered Actor Combatant. This year will be her third year doing Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. 
1) Why do you enjoy doing A Christmas Carol?
It’s a beautiful story with beautiful language that means a lot to people at Christmas time.
2) Why do you think people enjoy Charles Dickens?
His language is really beautiful and ornate, but I particularly like his dry wit.
3) What is your favorite part of doing this story?
It’s really nice to see everyone coming together to tell the story.  I love singing a lot of the classic Christmas Carols we incorporate into the story.
4) Who do you play in the piece? Which is your favorite part? Why
I play three characters this year, Belle, Mrs. Fred and the Charwoman.  Mrs. Fred is always my favorite, even though it’s not a very large role.  The world of Fred’s party scene is so filled with joy and love that it’s a treat to spend a few minutes in it every day.

Meet the Cast of A Christmas Carol

Kimiko Iizuka is a busy lady. She graduated from Lower Merion High School in 2006 and belongs to Adults with Developmental Disabilities (recreational group) in Jenkington, PA as well as the State Street Miracles (Singing Group out of Media Theatre for people with disabilities) and Volunteers at;  Assisi House in Aston (retirement home for Sister of St. Francis) as and also works part-time at Granite Farm Estates (Retirement Living for Seniors), and for the second time is part of the ensemble of players at Hedgerow Theatre Company in Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol. 
How long have you been doing A Christmas Carol?

I have been doing ACC for two years.  I love working with Hedgerow.

Why do you do ACC?

I do ACC because it’s so much fun.  I meet lots of friends and I get to be onstage and act and sing; that’s the fun and exciting part!
What is your favorite part of the story?

I love Scrooge because he becomes kind at the end.

What is your favorite part of the holidays?

I love being with family and friends.  I love to drive around Media and Aston and look at all the lights and decorations.  I love all the colors and it makes me warm and cozy inside.

Christmas Carol Has, Like, A Lot of Costumes

For 24 years Hedgerow as brought the community on stage and somehow found cloths for them all. From Cathy Baum to Elizabeth Hanson, these designers have pulled from The Walnut Street Theatre to the McCarter to find the perfect Dickensian costumes. With people of all shapes and sizes filling out Dickens’ London, it takes a lot of work and a lot of prep to make the actors look good. This year, Elizabeth takes on the task yet again to bring Scrooge and crew to life.

Elizabeth Hanson (costume designer) Elizabeth entered Drexel University with the intention of becoming a fashion designer. Life had other plans and after earning a BA in Communications from Temple University and an MBA from Widener University she had a varied 35+ year career in advertising and higher education marketing. During that time she continued to design and sew clothing, costumes, prom and wedding gowns for private clients and family. Three years ago Elizabeth connected with Hedgerow and for the past two years has been serving as resident designer and costume shop manager. She did costumes for children’s productions at Hedgerow including Godspell, Secret Garden. Hairspray, Charlotte’s Web and Oliver and has assisted with main stage productions including Boeing Boeing and OR. She is very happy to be part of this A Christmas Carol production.

Meet the Cast of A Christmas Carol

acc2015-247Charles Dickens’ famous story focuses on redemption, family, and the traditions of Christmas. Once a dying holiday, Dickens’ story revitalized the holiday and brought new meaning to an old song. Today, meet Jeremy L. Peyton Jones goes to The School in Rose Valley and is in his second year of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. 
Why do you do A Christmas Carol?
Because I’ve done a lot of other shows at Hedgerow and Hedgerow is always fun!
What is your favorite part?
I like in the beginning when we’re all singing in the dark with candles.
What is your favorite part of the holidays?
I like the songs and the food–oh, and the other things.

Meet the Cast of A Christmas Carol


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