Blog: A Note from the Director

The authors/creators of this play, a group called The Low Moan Spectacular, wrote that “Bullshot Crummond is a parody of low-budget grade “B” detective movies…[which] derives its humor from the audacious attempt to transpose effects normally reserved for films to the stage. These effects…whilst trying to fool the audience with their authenticity will never succeed but nevertheless remain highly inventive and consequently spectacular.”

The creation of this production has been a joyous collaboration, and the inventiveness of the actors, designers, and everyone that contributed to this show has been a continuous delight through the entire process.

Thank you for coming to the theatre. I hope that you enjoy this “dastardly tale.

-Matt Tallman, Director

Matt Tallman is a Philadelphia actor and director who played Richard Hannay in last summer’s 39 Steps, a play. In fact, Tallman once played Bullshot early in his career, and recommended the play while appearing at Hedgerow as a good fit for the theatre. The critically praised 1974 play features a plane crash, a manic car chase, sword fighting, a supervillain, a femme fatale, and a damsel in distress, not to mention a large amount of slapstick, bizarre and unlikely events, rapid-fire costume changes and actors who play multiple roles.