Blog: A Truly Theatrical Form

Blog by
Susan Wefel

As Hedgerow tackles the great literary masterpiece “Don Quixote” by Cervantes  - May 7th – June 7th,  2015 on the mainstage, I have been happy to engage in working with ensemble members under Jared Reed’s leadership. Jared, who I have known and worked with forever, has taken chances with this show and has drawn the fantastic talent from all of our ensemble members with no holding back! 

There are clowns with noses, mustaches, multiple roles, puppets, saw horses, screens, shadow play, and music.Its an evening of theatre that is sure to stick in your memory.In a show like this, big personality is required to tell the stories and fables. An actor must live in a life that is as large as a puppet. This form is truly theatrical and brings us all back to our roots of storytelling and myths on a grand scale. 

A common note for all actors is, “Go big, I’ll tell you when to pull back.” I have always been a big personality performer and in fact I have been told many times by directors to “pull-back” so this style of playing with such force for me is not hard.  There is such freedom in playing big–almost inhuman–a kind of Comedia dell’arte mixed with a children’s Punch and Judy show reminding one of outdoor or children’s theatre.  It evokes a sense of epic theatre at it’s best, living in a world of its own under the lights and sounds of the designers.  

Working on this show has been an absolute dream. To play with these actors, in this world, in this form has been a pleasure. To create characters that crack kids up and make adults laugh at themselves has been a true delight. 

Come see “Don Quixote”  at Hedgerow Theatre and you will NOT be disappointed!  It tells the story of the “Knight Errant” and his sidekick Sancho in an engaging and appealing way so that we all, young and old, may learn our life’s journey is full of surprises and never really over. 

SUSAN WEFEL (Ensemble) is a graduate of The School of Theatre at Boston University and is a 37-year veteran actress and company member of Hedgerow Theatre. She has studied under Dolores Tanner, Rose Schulman, Janet Kelsey, Louis Lippa, and Penelope Reed. Recent Hedgerow roles include her critically acclaimed Shirley Valentine (Shirley), Corpse (Mrs. McGee), Pride and Prejudice (Mrs. Bennett), and the annual A Christmas Carol in which she’s performed every year! She was recently seen in The Addams Family and Les Miserables at Media Theatre for the Performing Arts.