Blog: Final Word on No Sex

Death is easy, Comedy is hard.

Supposedly, this quote was spoken by the great comic write Moliere on his deathbed.  It is absolutely true, whoever said it! (Moliere also supposedly said another of my favorites: Comedy is tragedy seen through the prism of time.)

What a wonderful run of this ridiculous show. What interested me the most though in this production was seeing this group of actors take a rehearsal process led by a very talented director (Damon Bonetti) and not only keep the show they opened 7 weeks ago (no small task) but also find the places where they can improve their own performances without altering the structure of the whole (also difficult).

It would be very easy for an actor to feel the laughter coming to them and think, “Ah, yes, that laugh is for me, and I will do more to make that happen more!” But they haven’t, and watching them it feels like they haven’t for some very solid reasons:
      -They know that the “laugh” is really about the setup – whoever controls that, controls the laugh.
      -They know that everyone onstage is responsible for the laugh – it’s only funny, especially in a farce, if all the            other characters onstage help the laugh along, by paying attention, giving the audience the clues of where            to look and when
      -They know that story is ultimately more important than any one laugh – after all it’s why we go to a farce: to             see ridiculous people in a crisis, and how do they get out of it.

I think the world of this group of farceurs and I want to thank Damon Bonetti for teaching them well.

Now, it’s on to another comedy, one full of it’s own, unique challenges. Bullshot Crummond, led by Matt Tallman whom you may have saw as Hannay last year in The 39 Steps, takes the helm of this parody, Leading another group of talented actors through a a fantastic row of choices, I look forward to bringing this melodramatic spoof to our stage. 

Thank you all for being a part of this year’s farce, and for laughing with us again…and again. 

Jared Reed
Artistic Director