Blog: Thank Goodness It’s Not Me

Blog by
Artistic Director Jared Reed

, as we often say around here, is a group of lunatics behaving logically. In the 15 straight years we have been producing summer farces, I think i can reasonably say we have striven to achieve this goal!  
Farce is a wonderful genre of theatre in which we in the audience can witness something that if it were to happen to us personally we would be in tears. “What a Tragedy!” we would cry. But it is this distance that allows us a glimpse, albeit comic, into the human condition and that is what theatre is about: what do we fallible, flawed people do when confronted with stress, with a choice, with a situation that we cannot control.

Farce is tragedy seen through the prism of time, as I believe Moliere said, and if he didn’t he should have. And that is how we rehearse the farces - lunatics trying to fix problems of their own making, and the fixing of those fixings. 

It is a joy to watch our talented actors and director take us into this world of zannies and create life that is bold and captivating and, above all, human.

But thank goodness it’s not happening to me!