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Kate Sparacio

Kate Sparacio (Stage Manager) hails from Philadelphia where she has worked as an actor, director, designer, teacher, administrator, and stage manager. She has worked internationally in Greece, Cyprus, and England, and has served as visiting artist at Harvard University, Lock Haven University, Selwyn College, and Chesapeake College among others. She joins Hedgerow after spending years teaching young theatre artists in New Jersey and producing theatre in Philadelphia. She earned her B.A. in Theatre from Stockton University where she directed Crumble (Lay Me Down, Justin Timberlake). Other favorite productions include Tales of the Grotesque and Mysterious, The Bacchae, and The Profession.


Our Mission

As a professional theatre ensemble, Hedgerow strives:

  • To create ensemble works of the highest quality and distinction.
  • To serve as a cultural resource for audiences of all ages
  • To be an artistic and creative home for established artists
  • To be a resident training ground for emerging theatre professionals.

As a theatre school and educational resource, Hedgerow, renowned for the excellence of its ensemble approach, seeks:

  • to serve all members of our diverse society.
  • to provide cultural opportunities for regional partners
  • to provide a learning environment focussed on kindness, positive feedback, creative thought, and critical thinking

Since 1923 Hedgerow has been dedicated to fulfilling one of the basic needs of all humanity: Storytelling. To tell a story, to listen to a story, to share a story as a community has been an overarching emotional and intellectual needs of both the individual and society.

To further this experience with the world remains our constant focus.

On stage, Hedgerow brings together a diverse community of all ages, all races, all economic backgrounds striving for the highest level of human creativity, sharing the power of an ensemble theatre with a community that treasures it.

Unique among all American theatre, Hedgerow is the ONLY facility offering a residency learning program that encompasses ALL theatre disciplines to make a sustainable ensemble theatre.

In classrooms, literally thousands of children, teen-agers and adults have attended Hedgerow’s acting classes, performance classes, and summer camps. A legendary theatre school, Hedgerow creates a safe haven for students that emphasizes positive feedback, learning acting skills, creative and critical thinking, kindness in a community all through the joy of creating stories.

In the world, Hedgerow brings its ensemble theatre for the purpose of community building to area schools, educational partnerships, nursing homes, retirement centers and the less advantaged. This is an integral part of what makes Hedgerow a leader in service to the hearts, minds, and souls of the entire Delaware Valley.