Celebrate Christmas with Hedgerow Theatre

ACC 2010 (194)

Each year we bring the Delaware Valley community together with Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. Members of Rose Valley, Media, Swarthmore, Wallingford, Chester, West Chester, and Greater Philadelphia come and join in the Christmas spirit to present this timeless work of love and redemption. From Cratchitt children to  the ghosts of Scrooge’s past, our young actors bring a vibrancy to each and every performance they participate in. Not only are they celebrating the most wonderful time of the year, but they are creating it for Delaware County as well. Check out a few of the quotes from the children who have participated in our past shows to learn why these actors keep Christmas in their heart the whole year round.

Our question:

“What’s important to you about A Christmas Carol at Hedgerow Theatre?”

Their answers:

Bradley Hove, Valley Forge Middle School, Radnor, PA:  “I love Hedgerow; I just really love doing shows.”

Katie Carney, Garnet Valley Middle School, Garnet Valley, PA:  “I like being at Hedgerow and it gets me into a holiday mood; I like plays.”

Rachel Kelly, PA Leadership Cyber Charter School, Chaddsford/Garnet Valley, PA:  “There’s a lot of warmth in the show:  the message and the theme.”

Janet Kelsey, Media Friends School, Rose Valley, PA:  “I like the Cratchet family because they’re so poor but they’re happy.”

Bethany Anderson, Wallingford Elementary, Wallingford, PA:  “How Scrooge is really  mean and turns good.”

Fiona Gorman, Wallingford Elementary, Wallingford, PA:  “I like the songs and how everone works together to make a really good play.”

Maddie Marks, Swarthmore School, Wallingford, PA:  “I’ve read the book A Christmas Carol and I  really love songwriting so I like the music and I like the three ghosts and how they come so I think it’s really cool.”ACC 2010 (253)

Ryan Schaafsma, Delaware County Christian School, Newtown Square, PA:  “I like the songs and I like doing plays and I think I’ll have a good time doing it.”

Ava Schaafsma, Delaware County Christian School, Newtown Square, PA:  “I watched the movie and I liked the movie.”

Kerry Ringiewicz, Regina Luminis Academy, Media, PA:  “The family aspect of it; I think it’s very uplifting and positive.”

Kayla Jurchak, Homeschooled, Chaddsford, PA: “I really like the moral values: it’s never too late to change.”

Gabriella and Mom O’Keefe, Glen Mills, PA:  “It teaches a lesson that’s very important to appreciate everyone and everything around you—without being greedy or mean.”

Eli Dietrich, Homeschooled, Media, PA:  “If you don’t really believe in Christmas then you’re not going to be happy yourself.”

Leo & Talen Draper, Chester Community Charter School, Chester, PA

Mary McGarvey, Garnet Valley Elementary School, Garnet Valley, PA:  “I’ve been in ACC for one year and I’m coming back because I was a solo caroler and I made friends there and had a lot of fun.”

Sarah McGarvey, Garnet Valley High School, Garnet Valley, PA:  “Acting has helped me build my confidence in class—it’s easier to present my projects.”