Adult Acting Classes


Robert Smythe’s Playwright’s Studio

Class dates:
Six Weeks: Wednesdays 6:30 to 9:30January 24th through February 28th


This studio class is designed to give participants opportunities to hear their work read and discussed. Students will write scenes of 3-5 pages outside of class on any subject or as part of any project that they are undertaking: there are no writing assignments. In class, the scenes will be read and discussed using the Liz Lerman feedback method, with the instructor occasionally offering guidance regarding the work in question.

Twice during this 6-week class, experienced actors will join us to read student work, giving them the chance to hear works as they are being created, and giving playwrights the chance to see how their writing inspires their future collaborators.

There’ll be a few times where we’ll have 5-minute exercises in class, just to keep honing skills, but largely this studio exists to get your stuff out of your head and gauge its effect on others… and to goad you into getting your play written!

Limit: 8 students. Registration by phone only.

Participants will have taken Hedgerow’s first Playwrighting 1 class and are comfortable giving and receiving feedback from each other. They are also adept at writing dialogue, monologue, and private moments. They also have an understanding of crucial moments and creating and releasing tension. They also understand and are adept in the Liz Lerman feedback technique of positive affirmation and asking questions.


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