Hedgerow: Laughter Banishes the Winter Gloom in “Vanities”!

“Witty” … “Exceptional” … “Bubbly and fun” … “Very comical”  (Delco News Network)

Now here’s what audiences are saying:

“We laughed almost non-stop. Nobody wanted to leave afterwards.”

“So much fun!”   

“Brightens the winter gloom!”

That’s right, Vanities is banishing the gloom and bringing in light and laughter. Bring a friend and see for yourself what all the excitement is all about. 

We even have an exclusive interview with playwright, Jack Heifner, and director Penelope Reed, with their words on why the play is still relevant to audiences today.  Follow this link to read what they have to say.

And for more behind-the-scenes look our podcast continues with Brock interviewing Meredith Beck about her role as the “bubbly” Joanne. Click above to listen.