Hedgerow Receives Six Broadway World Award Nominations


Hedgerow Receives Six Broadway World Award Nominations

Hedgerow Theatre is delighted to announce that it has received six nominations for the Best of Philadelphia awards presented by BroadwayWorld.com, including three for its critically acclaimed production of Macbeth.

BroadwayWorld.com, the top website for information on theatre, the arts and live entertainment both on Broadway and around the world, launched its awards in 2003 to allow theatergoers the chance to vote for their favorite plays and performers. This is the first year that Hedgerow Theatre has chosen to participate, after having been named the Best Theatre Group on the PHL17 Philly Hot List internet campaign last summer.

“Over the past year, I’ve watched our online presence soar on various social media sites,” explained Rebecca Cureton, Hedgerow’s Marketing Coordinator, who also played Lady MacDuff and a witch in Macbeth. “It’s great to see our patrons support and help promote us on these platforms, and we’re thrilled that this opportunity was available on BroadwayWorld.com.”

Associate Artistic Director Jared Reed agreed with Cureton, saying “We are pleased as punch to be part of the Broadway World Awards. We are very proud of our accomplishments this year and look forward to all theatre patrons being given the opportunity to vote for the theatres, productions, and artists that have chosen to join in the Broadway World Awards. This is a wonderful chance to celebrate the fantastic theatre that is happening in the entire Philadelphia region.”

Hedgerow is nominated in the following categories:
Best Director: Dan Hodge, MacBeth
Best Actor: Joel Guerrero, Run for your Wife
Best Ensemble: Macbeth
Best Play: MacBeth, Corpse!
Best Theatre Company: Hedgerow Theatre

Voting is open to members of the theatre community and the general public through December 31 at this link: http://www.broadwayworld.com/philadelphia/vote2013region.cfm.

For more information or for reservations for the current show, the 21st annual production of  A Christmas Carol, adapted by Nagle Jackson from Charles Dickens’ classic tale, call 610-565-4211 or visit www.HedgerowTheatre.org Hedgerow Theatre is located at 64 Rose Valley Road in Rose Valley (near Media).