Hedgerow School: Improv Master Class with Brian McCann

Master Class: Improv
May 19th 6:00-9:00 p.m. 
Hedgerow Farmhouse Studio
Cost: $75.00 per person
(Mature Teens with approval)

Join veteran ComedySportz member and Hedgerow alumnus, Brian McCann, for an adult Improv Workshop. Explore the world of Improv through games and practice. This class will look at the basics of Short Form Improvisation, which can be used in real life situations. Learn how to think on your feet and accept what your associates put forward, while increasing confidence and improving public speaking skills. 

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A note from Brian on Short Form Improvisation:

“Well, what, in tar-nations, does that mean?”

If you have ever seen Whose Line Is It Anyway, you have experienced Short Form Improv.

I teach a No Fear version of this discipline. The student does Not have to be funny or carry the weight of the scene. The only objective is to make your scene partner look good. If you both do that, everyone wins.

I can guarantee you many belly laughs and, possibly, something much deeper.

Brian McCann is a 17 yr. Veteran of ComedySportz. A Global franchise that was started in 1984.