How the Hedgerow Garden Grows!

The Rose Valley residents cherish nature and enjoy gardening as both a hobby and art form.

With the help of the Rose Valley Gardeners, our green-thumbed company members, and volunteers, Hedgerow participates in planting, pruning, and weeding to keep up with this tradition.

As a contribution to the latest improvement efforts,  Andrew Bunting of Fine Garden Creations has graciously gifted us with a beautiful new garden design by Eric Gay, lovely plants, and the manual labor overseen by Marcelino Salvador. 

This past week, our company and the Fine Garden Creations team carefully transplanted our original plants to the Farmhouse to make room for the new design. 
The gardeners even unearthed a beautiful, old stone wall which complements the garden space.

Enjoy the garden when you visit for The 39 Steps!