It’s That Time, Christmas Time Is Here

Ashley Christmas photos 2010 167As a chill begins to fill the air and the days get shorter, Hedgerow Theatre continues its holiday tradition with its 24th  annual production of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, running November 25 to December 24, adapted by Producing Artistic Director Jared Reed.

The production kicks off the day after Thanksgiving this year to ring in the holiday spirit as soon as possible this year. Dickens’ tale of the redemption of Ebenezer Scrooge, a miserable, selfish miser whose heart is transformed after he is visited by a series of spirits on Christmas Eve is faithfully adapted by Reed who reassures audiences that the story and all its traditions are fully honored.

Reed answered a few questions about why we do this show every year and what people can expect with the 24th annual production:

Why does Hedgerow do Christmas Carol every year?
We love bringing together our entire Hedgerow Community – professional actors, families, the whole Delaware Valley – and sharing in this uplifting tale year after year. Dickens’ is an amazing storyteller, and he gets what we as people feel and experience, as well as understands that sometimes we fall down before we rise to where we need to be.
What is different about this years’ production?
Each year you look at what resonates and you tease out new lines or ways to present it. This year, We are having a core company of professionals supported by a ‘roving choir’ along  with over 50 young actors from the community under the age of 18 to play the Cratchitts and all the young people in Dickens’ story. Its taken 24 years, but I tell you, we’ve learned how to conduct a small army with this show,
What makes Zoran a great Scrooge?
Zoran has the unwavering ability, and I believe this to be true of all his performances, of capturing the humanity and goodness of the character. Z has had a lot of experience playing this part, and he knows it backwards and forwards, and yet each year he finds new discoveries and new opportunities to play.
What is your favorite part of Christmas Carol?
I love this play. I love Dickens’. I did his one man Christmas Carol for many years and the details and passion in this story are wonderful. It is a timeless story about a man choosing to be better. Every year, when I see Scrooge face his tombstone, it resonates with me. It’s when the character comes to the worst he can feel and, with no promise of redemption, chooses goodness, and chooses to become a better man.
What can audiences expect this year?