Maryruth Stine

MARYRUTH STINE (Elvira) is a performer and educator focused on community-driven projects balancing silly stories and social critique. Hedgerow: Sherlock Holmes and the Crucifer of Blood (Irene), Pride & Prejudice (Lydia/Lady Catherine), On the Verge (Alex). Philly stages & classrooms include The Painted Bride, Cabaret Verité, IRC, Philadelphia Opera Collective, PhillyShakes, EgoPo, Little Fish, Theatre Horizon, WolfPAC, and Philadelphia Young Playwrights. Montreal: Teen Sleuth and the Freed Cyborg Choir, Organizer, Monster. Vancouver: Beaver Dreams, Herban Adventures. Chennai: Aanmaiyo aanmai! (with Marapacchi) Jujubee (with Perch). Bangalore: Turntables (with LesBiT). Thank you Hedgerow, much love!