Meet the Cast of A Christmas Carol

Tiny Tim, Fezzywig, and the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come are a few of the more memorable characters in Dickens’ tale. Each year, we bring new and old actors to the story we’ve loved fro 24 years. Meet Emily Sampson from Penncrest High School. This is her first year doing A Christmas Carol, and she cannot wait to get started.

Why did you join the cast?
I wanted to do ACC because I really enjoy doing shows at Hedgerow and all of my best friends are here.
What is your favorite part of the story?
My favorite part of the story is when Scrooge gradually realizes that his greediness has effected the past, present, and future.
What is your favorite part of the Holidays?

My favorite part of the holidays is giving to others in need and volunteering to help people in shelters and putting together care packages because everyone deserves a happy holiday season!