Outreach: Seussical in the Park!


Last Saturday, it was a sunny and warm afternoon full of fellowship and food as Hedgerow School and groups from the Nia Center, Unity, and The Boys and Girls Club all gathered to raise awareness of the importance of DeShong Park in the community.  

The event began with a performance of Seussical Jr. the Musical by the students for over 100 audience members. There was a great sense of camaraderie, sharing, and empowerment for all as they picnicked, sang, danced, and played.  The event concluded with an inspired speech from community member and Hedgerow friend, Miss Helen,

 “We can do this. We can take back this city. We can take back this park. Let’s stop talking about this. Let’s do it… Let’s love one another. There’s no color. We should do just like we’re doing here. We’re having fun. Let’s live like this… When we leave this park, let’s share that with somebody else.” 

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