“Fifteen men on a deadman’s chest

Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum!”

See where Jack Sparrow, Will Turner, and Barbosa got their start! 

Adapted with savvy by Producing Artistic director Jared Reed from the swashbuckling adventure novel by Robert Louis Stevenson, Storyboard: Treasure Island is an adaptation of the greatest pirate story of them all. It begins at an inn on the Devon coast of England in 1775, and at the center of it all is out hero Jim Hawkins, a 14-year-old boy longing for adventure, and the infamous Long John Silver, the most infamous hero-villain of all time. Silver leads his buccaneers and rogues on a greedy quest for gold, yet his affection for Jim places him in between a rock and a hard place when good and evil meet. Experience romance, treasure and adventure in this wildly fun Storyboard featuring the talents of Hedgerow Theatre and the art of a local Philadelphia graphic artist.

Storyboard: Treasure Island

Adapted from Robert Louis Stevenson’s novel

Art by Phoebe and David Titus

By Jared Reed

Rehearsals: Week of August 14

Performance Dates: September 1 to 17


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