Student Blog: Hedgerow Theatre School Kicks-Off Godspell


A lot has been happening at Hedgerow Theatre recently, especially in the education department. One of the most recent Hedgerow Theatre School projects is Godspell, for which we just began rehearsals last Saturday. Godspell was written by John-Michael Tebelak, and Stephen Schwartz wrote the lyrics as well as composed the music. Godspell is an amazing musical about affection, devotion, and love. The show tells the story of Jesus’ disciples, who, under the guidance of John the Baptist and other great historic minds, follow their savior on his journey towards his eventual betrayal and crucifixion.  Although the basis of the musical is the Gospel of Matthew from the Bible, the story stretches beyond one of religion – Godspell tells a tale of friendship, loyalty, celebration, and love. Almost every single production of this show has been interpreted differently, and that’s just one of the reasons why this musical is so unique. The music is so individualistic because it’s very soulful, despite being a gospel piece.

Everyone in our approximately 20-person cast is super excited to start blocking and singing. We held auditions yesterday, which consisted of reading and performing the parables from the story and singing an excerpt from “O Bless the Lord My Soul.” The cast was split up into five groups, and each group took turns performing the aforementioned tasks. Overall, it was a very relaxed audition process, giving us great hope for the upcoming rehearsals and productions. We are all sure that director Penelope Reed, music director Shaun Yates, and area professional Robert Pellechio will make amazing decisions regarding the production. The cast looks forward to next week, when we will get our casting and begin making headway towards working on the show!

~Anna Tang and Gabby Harrison