Tales from Edgar Allan Poe

WideEyedStudiosHedgerowDraculaFinalHigh-23Each year Hedgerow Theatre Company creates a short play based on the life, stories, and poems of Edgar Allan Poe. This year we’ve expanded the cast to five, featuring the talents of Josh Portera, Allison Bloechl, Susan Wefel, Zoran Kovcic, and Mark Swift. Today, Mark Swift, who plays Poe in this years story, tells us what he enjoys about creating this work.
What is your favorite Poe story and why?
The Cask of Amontillado. It is the first Poe story I can recall studying in school. I was enthralled by the wickedness of Montressor.
What is your favorite thing about doing Poe?
I love exploring the various shades of Poe. Trying to find light amidst the seemingly ceaseless darkness is fascinating
What have you learned by adapting these tales and performing them?
Poe had a hard life, but fought admirably to persevere.
Why do you think audiences are drawn to Poe?
His works are classic and if not the first, certainly some of the best of his time. He was inventive and not afraid to explore the depths of human evil
What is the best experience you’ve had while doing this show?
Reworking William Wilson into a brand new scene has easily been the most rewarding aspect of doing Poe this year