Tales from Edgar Allan Poe

WideEyedStudiosHedgerowMurderRunFinalHigh-36Every year we bring the melancholy words of a mournful man and shed cold light on his dark crypt. The master of the macabre Edgar Allan Poe comes to life for schools across the Delaware Valley with Hedgerow Theatre’s Tales from Edgar Allan Poe, created by the Hedgerow Theatre Company. Today, we check in with company member Allison Bloechl and why she loves to do this show every year:

1) What is your favorite Poe story and why?
I really love The Fall of the House of Usher.  It was my first experience with Poe and has been my favorite ever since.  It’s so good at setting the mood – at getting you to feel that something is wrong before you actually have that information as the reader.
2) What is your favorite thing about doing Poe?
Poe’s use of language to set mood is fantastic.  Everything he writes is poetry – even his personal letters.
3) What have you learned by adapting these tales and performing them?
We’ve all learned a lot about Poe historically, but I think what I take away from Poe is that there is beauty in everything, even the most ugly or sad.
4) Why do you think audiences are drawn to Poe?
Poe had the ability to capture beauty and pain simultaneously and morph them into something sublime.  I don’t think there’s another author out there who does it so well and that’s why people keep coming back to it.
5) What is the best experience you’ve had while doing this show?
Adapting the works together has been a real treat.  Knowing that we’ve all worked together to craft these stories is something that I think we’re all very proud of.