Ten Tools Every Artist Needs

In theatre, we do everything. At some point in our lives we have built a set, sewn a button and hung a light. Therefore, we must always be prepared to step up and lend a helping hand, and the best part is every skill we learn on stage is useful offstage. When a friend needs a light installed, we’ll be there. When a colleague needs help with putting up dry wall, we’ll be there. When a room needs painting, we’ll be there. Why? Mostly because we’re unemployed and need something to pass the time until rehearsal, but also because we know how.

Today, Hedgerow Company Member Shaun Yates lists his Top 10 Tools every worker should have when they go into a theatre. Start building your tool box today!

10. A Brain

9. Pencil

8. Hammer

7. Square

6. Measuring tape

5. Knife

4. Level

3. Jig saw

2. Circular saw

1. Cordless drills