The Cast of A Christmas Carol


Our cast from A Christmas Carol brings together some of the best students in the Delaware Valley, and puts their diverse talents on the stage. This year, we want you to get to know all our cast members. So, meet a few of them today, and where they are from!

Our Lady Of Angels

Hannah Walkowiak


Mother of Providence

Gabby Dove

Patton Middle School

Kayla Stunzi

Paxon Hollow Middle School

Alexi Kosturos

Ridley High School

Kayla Boamah

ET Richardson

Lucy Shea


Eli Dietrich


Drexel Neumann Academy

Ahmad Lopes

Gladwood Montessori School

Will Walker


Lower Merion High School (Class of 2006)

Kimiko Iizuka

Chichester Middle School

Jayla Eddins

Northley Middle School

Phoebe Smith


Rachel Dutton

Wallingford Elementary School

Abigale Bachar