Top Seven: Books on Storytelling

WideEyedStudiosHedgerowOrFarceFirstHigh-31Crafting a story is a beautiful thing. It takes hours, if not years, of unseen sweat and ink. When it comes to theatre, those stories get seen as many angles as possible before they every reach the stage. Artistic Director Jared Reed sees a lot of angles at Hedgerow. He functions as an actor, director, lighting designer, playwright, father, son, leader, and as many job titles as the theatre can throw at him. At his core, Reed is a storyteller, and one working doubly on his craft at the moment as he spearheads the adaptation of Agatha Christie’s The Mysterious Affair at Styles. Therefore, we wanted to know what are Reed’s cornerstones of creation.

1.) Constantin Stanislavsky, “An Actor Prepares”

2.) Edward Gordon Craig, “The Art of the Theatre”
3.) Peter Brook, “The Empty Space”
4.) Aristotle, “Poetics”
5.) John Gardner, “The Art of Fiction”